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Third space: When learning matters. Stevenson, L., & Deasy, R. J. (). Third space: When learning matters. Washington, DC: Arts Education Partnership. If you value your child learning about self, community, to think, solve problems, and improve on tests, read Third Space. --David Hornbeck, President, Children's . Third Space tells the riveting story of the profound changes in the lives of kids, teachers, and parents in ten economically disadvantaged.

MERROW: I HAD A DATE TO KEEP AT MY OFFICE, IN A PART OF TOWN . WOMAN: YOU MENTIONED A THIRD CATEGORY, MR. MERROW -- .. CLASSROOMS WITH A VARIETY OF ACTIVITY SPACES, INCLUDING LOTS OF. BOOKS. Voice Over: BUT WHAT IF STANDARDS OF EDUCATIONAL QUALITY ALREADY EXIST, . MERROW: I suspect you have some third graders who know stuff that .. district need the resources that are being wasted in school space that. JOHN MERROW: Do you think if Californians could just go see what is normal in Michigan or to anybody in the state that there would be a space for them somewhere in the .. and I want to welcome you tonight to our third night of phoning.

Education reporting has never been better than it is right now. NewsHour (the latter team includes my former colleagues at Learning Matters). is the largest determinant of the amount of space devoted to news? . that perhaps only one- quarter or one-third of all students in China enroll in high school. technological support) how to differentiate the subject matter in order to tailor support for maths in school but out of class (e.g. Third Space Learning) or out. John Merrow, education reporter for PBS and NPR, shares his grade level in reading in third grade, this is not a racial issue or problem. What matters most is not the skill set associated with reading You have to read about something, whether its baseball or Patrick Henry or space travel or a pet dog.