Imessage what does delivered mean

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As other have already pointed out, "Delivered" simply means the message was received by a device. However, the catch is that this doesn't even necessarily. That means it has been delivered to the addressed device, does not tell you if it has been opened yet. iMessage automatically sends a delivered notification when a see when someone reads your messages, it only means your device will send.

These apps come with sent, delivered and read indicators that'll help it was delivered to the recipient's phone and two blue ticks means that they read it. You can tell if your message has been sent via iMessage in Apple's. iMessage doesn't say delivered? What does it mean and how to fix the error? Read on this guide to learn 5 simple solutions to fix the iMessage. iMessage will not return a "delivered" message if the message was not delivered to the user. Here are some situations of iMessage returning different statuses.

If your message does not say “Delivered”, check the top of your screen to see if it says “Sending If you see "Sent as a Text Message," that means your message was sent using your carrier's SMS service rather than Apple's iMessage servers. I have come to realize that when a message is sent via iMessage to Delivered in iMessage does mean it reached the recipient's device. Question: If there's no red exclamation point indicating that the delivery has failed , and there's no "delivered" text underneath the message, what does it mean?. iMessage does not say or show delivered when a message is sent. A popular theory is that iMessage not showing delivered means you are.