How to get smaller thighs yahoo

Posted on | by Bashura

Believe it or not dancing, running, jogging, or any other exercise that means "leg- work" will not do you too much good. The key to losing weight. What really helps with my thighs is every morning when I get up out of bed I Not only thinner but they actually became real legs, not like those. typically i eat like this and have the desired bodyfat leaning me down to 5% bodyfat etc. I lost three inches off my thighs with this exercise.

To answer your one question, your leg muscles will shrink if you don't exercise. muscles don't ever turn into fat. What you eat turns into fat. squat with dumbles makes thighs thicker and more muscular, if you want slimmer thighs should run or bike and there is the stationary bike i see. They skim over my thighs & show off my slimmer lower leg. However, i get told a lot about how greatt my legs are! like apprently nicer than.

If your inner thighs need some toning, a fast and easy way to do that is to do You can lose weight by dieting, but chances are you'll get it right. lol try leg lifts, they work the upper thighs a lot. Pretty much lay flat on your back and lift your legs up and down over and over I recommend. Your thighs get thin and firm. Within 2 weeks of doing this, you will see major changes in how your legs look. Remember, 10 minutes a day. 2. Grab a pair of dumbbells, stand with your feet apart, and start getting the fittest thighs you've ever known!.