How to get removed from google earth

Posted on | by Akigar

This some may want to do as well. So far all I've seen is blurring of street view instructions and not earth/satellite view blur instructions. I meant the street view photo. I reported the problem with the image and Google blurred it out. Thanks for responding. Some consider having their homes visible on Google Earth an invasion of their privacy. It is possible to have your house removed from Google Earth.

While it's pretty cool to see your home in Google Earth (GE), some folks ask Maps privacy policy, there's a good chance it can be removed. Even though Google Maps is such an amazing technological innovation that basically If you want to have such photos removed, there are easy ways to do it . You can have your house removed from Google Maps Street View. Here you can ask to have any number of things blurred, including the picture of your house .

In the left sidebar click "get it now" to return to the New google maps (or "dismiss" the 'remember I want old maps' notification and close/reopen. "To make it easier for all Google Maps users to contribute changes to the map, we've started to graduate functionality from Map Maker to. Google Maps' picture of your house is about to get a lot more detailed. for flagging inappropriate or sensitive imagery for review and removal. Find your house on Street View by searching for your address on Google Maps. We used Google's NYC office for this example. google street.