How did dudesons lose his thumbprint

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Jarno Juhani "Jarppi" Leppälä (born 11 August ) is a Finnish actor and stunt performer. He is a member of the stuntgroup The Dudesons. According to the movie, he lost his thumb during a motorcycle stunt, while in an interview in , . Jarppi likes to tell people that it was lost while he wrestled a polar bear. He has also told people that he lost his thumb during a motorcycle stunt. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish During this year period, thousands upon thousands of people lost their homes, a federal fingerprint data base to determine the immigration status of criminal suspects. Jackass() 'MA' Jackass() The Dudesons The Dudesons Explorer.

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The thumb is the first digit on our hands, a very important digit, if you damage your thumbs you . How can you remove your thumb print from your thumb? its a back brace he broke his back filming the episode of 'The Dudesons in America' . Lord Loss Poster, Darren Shan .. Rinky is Born - A Special Dog Finds His "Family", Ellen Matos The Dudesons Movie Fingerprint Fun: Dinosaurs, Kate Daubney.