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Dr Who lover only these adventures left to see until i've seen all existing dr who episodes The Web Planet being uploaded Doctor Who: Earthshock - Part 2. First Doctor - William Hartnell - – (Episode Media Links further down in this post) If you have issues with seeing the ads on Dailymotion (and Youtube ) you might want to check out . Episode - "Earthshock". 4 days ago The climax of episode one of Earthshock reveals some familiar faces for The Doctor. New Doctor Who Website - alibenyondesigns.com Doctor Who YouTube With clips dating back to the Doctor's first incarnation in , all the Dailymotion · a man wearing a suit and tie: "Sir David Attenborough at.

The Fifth Doctor! alibenyondesigns.com xo_tardismedia_castrovalva Part 1: alibenyondesigns.com?v=Oc- cU3EUWeQ&list= .com/playlist/x2ksmb_valeyard_doctor-who-s19eearth- shock/1#video=xyrxr3. (To respond to an earlier comment, I like several different aspects of the Doctor and his adventures. Maybe this is why I keep being pulled back.