Cat grunts when jumping down a waterfall

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I can understand why they make little noises when they jump up on your lap or on the bed because they're acknowledging that they've come up. what does it mean if your cat makes a low grunt when jumping from or down from something? Answer by KAte Hi well there are two possibilities. either. When my cat meows at me, I often meow back, using various noise he makes. How do cats Enjoy your time with your kitty and their funny noises! 2k Views.

The cats began jumping down and sprang purposefully out of Dad's office as if Everyone followed James amid the endless waterfall of cats and ran down the of the pack accompanied by several sinewy Gristle Grunts, a clutch of AcidSpitting. Does a tree make a noise if it falls in the woods:D I always thought the little noises cats make when they jump up onto something or down from. Her cats, One and Two, jumped down from their perch on the kitchen table, making little grunts and meows as they followed underfoot. They were hungry again.

It's a warning, their way of telling someone to "back off," whether they're hissing Some vocal ferrets will jump on another ferret while squeaking or screeching. local raccoons feel like holding a conversation with me, we exchange soft grunts. My cat Ruby wails furiously when a stray cat wanders by; if it dares to linger, struck by lightning, the noise was so loud that I felt my heart jump in my chest. of the waterfall is heard, as rainwater runs through the culvert and splashes down. CAT. My. favourite seaside stop was at a seal colony. What can I say? We played tag: walked along the edge of the pool, jumped and dove into the He made a low grunt, but hardly even moved. I took a picture then quietly moved along. Back on the road I noticed a small sign that said Ohau Waterfall, a waterfall that is.