What is kent brantley blood type

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Kent Brantly is an American doctor with the medical mission group Samaritan's Purse. "Why Blood Transfusions From Ebola Survivor Dr. Kent Brantly Could Help Patients". Student News Daily. ^ Time Person of the Year, The Doctors, The . Dr. Kent Brantly told ABC News today that his blood type is A+, while Duncan's family has said his blood type was B+, making them. For the third time, blood donated by Samaritan's Purse doctor Kent Dr. Brantly acted quickly after receiving a call telling him his blood type.

Dr Kent Brantly, the first American to return to the US from Liberia to be offered his blood for Duncan, but that their blood types didn't match. Dr Kent Brantly, who survived the virus, has donated blood to three Ebola . It depends on blood types; Dr Brantly offered his blood to Mr. Dr. Kent Brantly has now donated about a gallon of his own blood to other But serum, just like whole blood, also carries blood type — A, O.

Ashoka Mukpo's family told NBC News on Wednesday that Dr. Kent Brantly was contacted after officials realized their blood types matched. The evidence we now have indicates, by force of deductive logic, that it cannot possibly be true that Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol were. Remarkably, Brantly's blood type matched Mukpo's blood type, just as it had with Sacra. Brantly stopped at a facility in Kansas City to give his. Brantley and Sacra have the same blood type. Officials at Nebraska Medical Center confirmed with alibenyondesigns.com that year-old Sacra.