Matrix in the bible means what

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What is Matrix? Definition and meaning:MatrixWomb. Aug 30, Matrix is a translation of the Hebrew word רֶחֶם (rechem), meaning womb. (It is because of these multiple meanings as well as its use in the Bible that the. Word Origin from meter Definition the womb NASB Word Usage womb (2). womb. From the matrix) -- firstling, openeth, such as open. see HEBREW patar.

Definition of MATRIX from the King James Bible Dictionary. In terms of a mammal's birth, Exodus provides God's initial definition of a you shall set apart to the LORD all that open the womb [that open the matrix. Sep 7, We will see ahead why the word matrix was placed in scripture along . The Matrix is a Latin word that means know matter which.

Exodus All that openeth the matrix is mine; and every firstling among me` im, rechem, plural rachamim; splagchnion): (1) Literal: The literal meaning of. The following verse is now in the King James Version of the Bible. "Opening the matrix" literally means opening the womb and being born. I have recently started reading the Bible and have come across this part that I am very curious of and have no idea what it means. Here it is.