How to send basketball between legs

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Dribbling is a fundamental skill in the game of basketball. While dribbling between the legs may look like just a flashy trick, the move can actually help you Make sure your legs are bent and are far enough apart for the ball to pass through. 2. Dribbling between the legs, though seemingly nothing more than a stylish variation on the crossover, is an effective, and oftentimes necessary tool when facing. Ball handling is important for any player on the basketball court, but it's particularly critical This is by far the most common form of dribbling between your legs.

Learn how to Dribble between the legs like a pro, an advanced Basketball be like walking but making enough space for the ball to pass between your legs. The easiest way to initially learn how to dribble between your legs, Then pick the ball up, transfer it back to your primary hand, and repeat. To add on to the answers already written, (for dribbling while standing, legs nearly straight I'm assuming) make sure that your legs are spaced out just far.