How to remove reappearing carpet stains

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Learn the causes of reappearing carpet stains and how to prevent them and clean them permanently. A site user said, “We have old stains on our apartment carpet (cheap commercial grade berber). I have tried several cleaners and it has been commercially. Wicking spots reoccur after cleaned carpeting has dried. Rather than try to stop the wicking, let the spot wick onto something else, like a towel.

Sometimes, spots can reappear as soon as the carpet dries. While attempting to remove a stubborn stain, the carpet may have received too. It's like a magic trick, you spot clean a stain and it disappears. Your carpet looks like nothing ever happened and you can go on with living life. How to Remove Carpet Stains That Keep Reappearing. Clean your carpets with the wrong products or materials and the stains will keep reappearing. When you .

So you clean it as best as you can, with your home cleaning supplies, but it's hopeless. You decide to call your local carpet shampooers the. Pet accidents, red wine, tomato sauce or coffee stains can be notoriously difficult to completely clean up after a spill. Removing these stains from carpet or. Have you ever had a stain on your carpet that you clean up, only to have it reappear a few days later? It just keeps coming back! But why does.