How to remember neural crest derivatives embryology

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During embryological development, the final structures formed from neural crest cells are termed neural crest derivatives. These cells fall under the larger. NEURAL CREST derivatives mnemonic USMLE Step 1 Mnemonics. User Name, Remember Me? Password. Mnemonics: Embryology: Neural Crest Derivatives. Neural Crest Derivatives. Posted by yusri_arif on Jun people have seen this mnemonic.

Cranial and spinal neural crest: major derivatives GAMES: Glial cells (of peripheral ganglia). Arachnoid (and pia). Melanocytes. Enteric ganglia. Schwann cells. Learn Embryology facts using a simple interactive process (flashcard, matching, Neural crest - think PNS and non-neural structures nearby, odonto = Crest toothpaste Region during development, Adult derivatives (walls + cavities). Learn Embryological Derivatives facts using a simple interactive process odontoblasts, Neural Crest. Aorticopulmonary septum, Neural Crest. memorize.