How to make 45/45/10 bullet luber

Posted on | by Tasar

I've just read about a mix for bullet tumble lube. Many of us have been thinning LLA for a long time, and one or two added the paste. Just made up my first batch of 45/45/10 but left out the part about Should I go back and cook off the mix I made before after sizing lube?. I made my first batch of yesterday. I could Some are making lube for handgun bullets using the liquid JPW without cooking. As I no.

After doing one batch last night and then another one tonight, I have just lubed over bullets. I cant guess how long it would take me to lube. /Deluxe Liquid Xlox – 32oz Bottle is a great tumble lube. It goes on easy, leaves a smooth dry finish and dries in just 1 night. Just put your cast bullets into a clean plastic tube, drizzle a small amount of lube. at MO have used or tried the 45/45/10 lube brings a new meaning to Pan I add some extra beeswax to my 45/45/10 and dip lube my bullets.