How to double lock s&w handcuffs

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How to Escape from Smith & Wesson double-lock handcuffs like Houdini or MacGyver with a simple everyday tool that fits in the smallest crevice of a wallet. Handcuffs, like the Model 's made by Smith & Wesson that we'll The double lock is set by taking the opposite side of the handcuff key. Fabricated from the finest quality carbon steel, this handcuff features Smith & Wesson's hinged design to further restrict movement. Push pin double locking.

Smith & Wesson Military and Police Lever Lock Handcuffs. They are standard S&W Model handcuffs, but with finger activated double locks. The new Smith & Wesson Model M&P Lever Lock handcuffs are standard Model handcuffs with a new, patented finger-activated double locking system . Smith & Wesson Police-Grade Hinged Double Lock Nickel Handcuffs w/ Two (2) K: Sports & Outdoors.