Who is the male voice of siri

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Apple doesn't really like it when its employees speak to the press. Like, at all. So it's interesting to see a British voice actor who provided the male voice For Siri. Jon Briggs, who is also the voice of The Weakest Link, was the first British male voice for Siri. Susan Bennett is familiar as the American female. How to Change Siri's Voice and Accent to a Man/Woman or British/Australian. Siri's voice has become almost synonymous to the iPad and iPhone, but it's not the only voice Siri is capable of producing. You can also change from a female voice to a male voice, with each different.

1) British Siri. While Bennett has stayed anonymous for years, other Siri iterations outed themselves sooner. “Daniel,” the accented male voice. iPhone users who are all too familiar with the female voice of Siri can now opt for a male voice instead. "Siri, who's voice is this?" The iOS-based knowledge navigator has been a part of iPhone users' lives since , but have you ever wondered.

Susan Bennett (born January 29, ) is an American voice-over-artist. She is best known for being the female American voice of Apple's “Siri" since the. The answers are delivered by a female or male voice (it's up to you), but have you ever wondered who the people behind the voices are? The Guardian's. Jon Briggs (born 24 January ) is an English television and radio presenter. He is best known for his voiceover work, particularly as the British voice used by Apple's Siri software. It has been rumoured that "Daniel" was dropped as the default Siri British Male voice option once Apple realised that Jon Briggs' voice was.