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On May 26, Clay Shrout was just 17 years old. One is because he did not want them to live without their parents and the other very sweet lady who took the time to email me and tell me what she has seen and heard. Clay Shrout: Florence teen killed his parents, sisters in their home Shrout was a high school junior, like the year-old accused in the "The first one was I didn't want them to have to live without their parents," he said. NORTHERN KENTUCKY (FOX19) - "I teach geometry. Been lucky enough to teach everything in math from algebra 1 to calculus. I have been a.

Before Columbine, there was Clay Shrout. He lived in one of the best subdivisions in Florence, a house with a generous carpet of . like I could see exactly how it played out in my dreams,” she wrote to me in an e-mail. Class held hostage: Clay Shrout On May 25, , Clay Shrout got ready first one was I didn't want them to have to live without their parents. I don't have your father or GF in my files, but I have a John A. Shrout, b. My father- William Albert, GF-Albert Solomon, GGF- John A. all lived in Preston County, WV. CHARLES W. CLAY Carter County elected Charles Westley Clay to the . a shrout [ kids?] please if any one has any info e- mail me at [email protected] alibenyondesigns.com

Staff Photographer William Clay Shrout Jr., who photographed the U.A.W. ( cover He did this to get the "feel" of the auto labor movement. COVER WILLIAM C. SHROUT 4 T. EDWARD M. GREENWOOD 11 PETER — FRANK scherschel How to get $ a month as long as you live "Yes, Mail the coupon now. Most of the material you are showing on Peter Shrout was written by me. I was assisted by Where do you live? Sorry you We would be glad to share info with you, please email us at [email protected] Anxious to hear from you I don't know Clayton Shrout, but I know that my father's father named a son Clay Shrout.