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The above syntax shows that multiple WHEN tests can be made within each CASE. The data value test continues from the first WHEN to the last WHEN or until it. If no condition is matched then TERADATA SQL CASE will result in output to put END keyword to finish CASE statement else you will get syntax error. . Teradata Jobs in Tesco – 20th April – Sr. Software Engineer. I have requirement where i have write case statements for the below case Above syntax doesnt work and it looks like it will work only in SQL.

Teradata offers "CASE" statement to retrieve/update the results from a column of a table in a different way to promote the end user's understanding. Syntax. If DESTINATIONS and GAS_STATIONS are columns in the table AUTOMOBILES (aliased CARS) then the following should work: SELECT. It sticks in my mind that there were some differences in the syntax of the CASE clause in earlier versions of EG versus EG -- but basically I.

Teradata CASE and COALESCE - Learn Teradata in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced Following is the syntax of the CASE expression . % of job board revenue is donated to Kiva. . Brilliant, I was getting some syntax errors when using case during an update statement, but having seen . Is it okay If I post my queries related to SQL TeraData Extension?. SELECT id, CASE WHEN id = 1 THEN true ELSE id END AS is_first FROM internet_inc The CASE clause can also be used in the WHERE part of a query. 1 Introduction to the Oracle Database Gateway for Teradata Case 6: The Pass-Through Feature B Supported SQL Syntax and Functions . EMPNO SMALLINT NOT NULL ENAME VARCHAR(10), JOB VARCHAR(9), MGR SMALLINT.