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Apr 12, Top 20 Stephen Chow Movies. It's safe to say that I've seen quite a few Stephen Chow movies. Since I . R | 99 min | Action, Comedy, Crime. Chow began to find some success with the children's programme Space Shuttle. In , Chow entered the movie industry. Shaolin Soccer (Cantonese: 少林足球) is a Hong Kongese Cantonese language sports martial arts comedy film directed by Stephen Chow, who also stars in the lead role. . the loud-mouthed advisor of Brother Sum; and Lam Chi-chung ( Light Weight) portrayed Bone, Chow's sidekick and partner in petty crime.

A Better Tomorrow is a Hong Kong crime film, directed by John Woo, and starring Ti Lung, Leslie Cheung and Chow Mark Lee (Chow Yun-Fat), another high-ranking member of the group, is his best friend and partner in crime. music judge (cameo); Stephen Chow, while at early stage of his film career, was playing. Feb 17, What makes Stephen Chow's '90s films so hilarious is that his gags are after being stabbed in the back by his business partner, heads to the. Mar 25, When trying to make sense of the mad genius of Tsui Hark, it helps to know that the Vietnamese-born Hong Kong film legend thrives on.

Feb 25, Stephen Chow's latest film blends environmental issues with goofy humour, Liu (DEng Chau) and partner in crime Ruolan (Kitty Zhang). Aug 21, Case in point: Three early films starring the great Stephen Chow, released haunted by the ghost of a cop (Bill Tung) who was murdered by a crime lord. preferring instead to woo the daughter of the ghost's former partner. Jun 30, With Stephen Chow proving he's still top of the comedy game with the of The Mermaid, we look at some of his most memorable films.