How to write military time in excel

Posted on | by Daile

So since Time in Excel is just a number, then to show Standard time vs Military time, we simply need to change the format of that number. Learn how to add times on a hour clock in Excel and how to tweak the formatting to show military time. In Excel, you can convert the military time to standard time with formula quickly. In the Format Cells dialog, click Number tab, and click Time from the Category.

When you work on Excel in your daily work, you may use different time format under different conditions, such as 12 hour format and 24 hour. Can you enter military time into a cell by entering just the numbers (e.g. ) It will automatically convert your values for you as you type. If you want to type in military time in Excel, and the time show correctly, here are the steps. This method allows you to calculate the difference between two times.

I want to type in in a cell and press to go to the next cell and it will auto format it like (military time). ex: type in and it display as. To display the serial number in the appropriate format, choose Number If you need to change to the time value of (not ).