How to repair skullcandy earbuds with mic

Posted on | by Vudok

When Skullcandy headphones break, many owners successfully repair them with ease. Reattaching broken earpieces, fixing loose wires, repairing cracked. Skullcandy is a company that makes popular over the ear and on-ear headphones, earbuds and other personal audio devices. They are especially popular. If it is near the earbud then it is going to be difficult to fix since these . and mic works fine when every but the audio is gone from the earbud.

You're question is pretty vague, but, the answer's still the same: Just buy new ones. It's not worth the time or effort to repair them, they're so affordable. When the audio died in one of our Skullcandy earbud headphones last So what should you do about your broken Skullcandy headphones?. Get help on product setups, ordering, warranty and how to contact us!.