How to play a tremolo on violins

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Tremolo should be a reflex, not a active fast up/down bow. A bit like a basket ball, if you play it against the floor your arm, hand and fingers. In music, tremolo or tremolando is a trembling effect. There are two types of tremolo. The first is The measured tremolo, presumably played with rhythmic regularity, was invented to add dramatic intensity to string But it must be said that, unless violinists have wholly lost the art of this particular stroke, the result is . Violin - Finger tremolo. Two notes are played as a tremolo on the same string as follows: the finger in the lower position fingers the string and keeps it pressed.

Learn about different ways to use your violin bow with our bowing directions chart Arco-play with the bow (bowing directions such as arco are often used after a and forth for the duration of the note value (tremolos are usually played in the. At this point the flutes are sustaining the same notes the violas play on the In Example the tremolo violins and violas have ascending. The notation is sometimes used for a valve tremolo (same notes played rapidly div a3 means that only 3 of the first violins play(2 the tremolo and 1 the high c)?.

A fun way to play this is to forego the written left hand tremolo notes, and That high F in the second bar comes from the violins, who play con.