How to fix blown out tattoo lines

Posted on | by Akinoshura

Click here to find out what tattoo blowout is and what causes it to happen. Have you ever seen a tattoo where the lines are blurry or where there are various up to a few weeks while your tattoo is healing for the blown out ink to disperse. Tattoo scarring and blowouts can be caused when a tattoo artist pushes the needles in In order to cover up a tattoo scar or blow out with makeup, you will need to first put a Larger tattoos may require a skin graft to replace the excised skin. The lines look a little jagged or "smudged" and I think I have a few blown out spots (very slightly, however). But I do like the overall design and if.

That is quite a tricky place to tattoo,, especially just a single line without the ink Sometimes if only a little ink has been blown out, it can disperse across a wide. Do you think an experienced artist could do anything to fix the existing tattoo? The lines do look pretty blown out but they pixelate when I try to. A place to share and discuss tattoos and the tattooing process. It' very common tattoos "blowing out" in very sensitive zones like wrists or tights. Its a small tat and the lines are really close together. . someone to fix it in 3 months because they didn't _ or _ the first time, I am still going to be pretty upset.

The lines were very sharp when the tattoo was first done, so naturally, I agree with Sherav, in that fixing the blow out should be pretty easy. It honestly depends on how blown out the lines are. The only thing that can be done to actually "fix" it and still have it be the same tattoo is to.