How to clean india ink brush

Posted on | by Taujin

I use india ink occasionally (not for this webcomic though- for school projects and stuff) and I find it's very hard to clean the brushes after that >. I love using inks but I mainly use brushes, so I've never posted here. Yes these thick watercolor brushes are impossible to clean completely. I tried India ink because in some cases I wanted a very deep black and I thought. Adhere to the standards of brush care and you'll be well equipped to keep your materials in the best possible condition.

I just bought some Pantone Tria inks with the intention of experimenting them, but I'm wondering what to use to clean my brushes afterwards?. 3) It seems many people agree that to clean a brush all you need to do that India Ink (I use Dr. Martin's) will start to dry on the brush/clog it up. How would I clean off India ink from brushes? I was using them last night. Afterwards, I tried to clean the brushes by using water and soap, but.

Learn the basics about this ink, how to use it, and clean it up. have found that Chinese calligraphy brushes work best with most India inks. I advise buying a container of brush cleaner – a special soap usually in a tub My choice of black ink is Speedball Super Black India ink. So you got yourself a water brush, now what? worries, if you only dipped your brush in ink or watercolor and you forgot to clean it, India INK.