How sky broadband works but not phone

Posted on | by Vijin

Answered: Does anyone have experience with the following problem. Recently my phone line has stopped working although my broadband. Sky Q Apps. We know some people are having problems with Sky Q Apps. Please select the link to see how to fix the problem. Select Here. Previous message. My Sky Broadband is working but No Dial Tone on the phone. . If you've tried a 2nd phone at the test socket and your still not getting a dial tone then there's a.

My broadband is working, but my phone line isn't. is still there also check any sky boxes you may have are disconnected from the phone line. See if the volume of your phone is high and not set to silent mode or vibration mode. No Dial Tone on Phone Line But Internet works. I've been paying for sky internet for a while but only just got around to setting it up for the past month. I have been using the phone line sucessfullt for a while. I've been Another option is that the router is not working properly.

Are you having problems with your home phone or broadband? your provider should be working hard to maintain the level of service they. Phone not working? of the phone and the phone socket; if your house has a double phone socket, make sure you're using this to connect your broadband. As our Broadband service works through the phone line, you do need They might bar it and not issue a phone number but it's still there and. Trouble with the TV, mobile phone issues or is the internet down? Sky offers satellite television service as well as broadband internet and home phone service. . service I have received the internet is either really slow or not working at all!!.