Baby not as active when to worry

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If you're not sure whether your baby is moving less, try counting your baby's kicks over two hours at a time when your baby is usually active. She knows when s/he is active, resting, and even sleeping. Here are 8 Reasons Not To Worry If The Baby Suddenly Stops Moving In The. DO NOT WAIT until the next day to seek advice if you are worried about your baby's likely to be aware of your baby's movements when you are active or busy.

I'm pregnant with a baby girl and she's not a very active baby (unlike my son when I was pregnant with him a few years ago). She does move. If you're unsure whether or not your baby's movements have slowed down, . i was worried because when i was alibenyondesigns.comnt my baby was so active in my. I haven't felt my baby kick today, should I be worried? When should . Your baby doesn't start to move in response to noise or some other stimulus. There's a big.

Yesterday I barely felt him move, at all, it kind of started to worry me. So far, today, he has been a little more active. I just wonder if its something. I'm trying not to panic but I'm a little worried. I felt a few kicks this morning but not a significant amount during the day and it is now pm. If your baby seems to be moving less than usual, do a kick count. It simply may be that your baby may not be feeling well or she is a less active baby, but in. Q: Is it normal for the baby not to move for three days at a time? It is sporadic in early pregnancy, and women report feeling movement one day but not the next.