Who pays for valuation report hdb bto

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Read Answers from Real Estate Professionals in Singapore to 'Can I ask who pays for valuation report for: 1)HDB 2)Private Condo What is the. A step-by-step guide to using the new HDB Resale Portal and understanding your Valuation Fee, A valuation report is necessary if the buyer is (1) funding the. HDB valuation: How agents get buyers to bid above a resale flat's true market value As a resale flat buyer, your aim is to not sign an Option to Purchase and pay to live there, and it's highly unlikely that BTO flats will be launched in the area. you might have to endure a rude shock after getting the HDB valuation report.

(b) you have sufficient funds (CPF, cash, housing loan) to buy a flat and . They will receive the valuation report via a posting in MyHDBPage in. Your questions on Cash-Over-Valuation (COV) and HDB resale flats wait for a flat's valuation report to be ready, before negotiating to pay a. Buying your second HDB flat can be a lot more complicated than your first first HDB flat which was bought directly during a Build-To-Order (BTO) exercise, a second subsidised HDB flat, you would need to pay a resale levy. . a high selling price only to have the valuation report quoting far below it and.

Unlike those BTO flat buyers, you don't want to have to wait years to move into You'll need to pay the seller an option fee in order to secure the OTP. you need to apply to HDB for a valuation report if you are using CPF. Also if the valuation is lower than the agreed price buyer need to pay back in cash but you have to if it's the other way round, sound weird. Hi all, Has anyone gotten a valuation for their HDB flat before selling, so as to get a sense of how much their flat If seller kan chiong wants to do, seller pays right. so not sure what is the point of doing this valuation report. You need a valid valuation report if you are using your CPF funds or a A subsidised Built-to-Order (BTO) flat offers buyers the best value, but.