What is stichelton cheese

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Stichelton is an English blue cheese. It is similar to Blue Stilton cheese, except that it does not use pasteurised milk or factory-produced rennet. The name comes. Stichelton is an English blue cheese made by Joe Schneider using organic, unpasteurised Friesian-Holstein cow's milk on his Collingthwaite Farm in. Stichelton is a raw milk traditional English blue cheese made on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire by Joe Schneider.

This cheese can express a multitude of long lasting flavours from sweet caramel to beef stock with toasty notes. The texture tends to be soft and creamy. For years Joe Schneider, the only British cheesemaker still producing a raw-milk stilton from his Stichelton Dairy in Nottinghamshire, has been. Stichelton has a rich, buttermilk-y flavor with a long finish; Expect a softer, creamier texture from this raw milk blue cheese. One of the best blues around.

For centuries, a blue cheese has been made from cow's milk in the English of the PDO and call his cheese Stilton, so he instead uses the name Stichelton. Stichelton cheese: toasty, nutty and sweet, underpinned by a creamy gentle blue note. Buy online and find out more about Joe Schneider's Stichelton. Get delicious gourmet foods like Stichelton delivered right to your door. Order today!. In order to be called Stilton, it must (among other criteria) be made from pasteurized milk. Stichelton is a version of the same cheese made with.