Julia chow speaking chinese humor

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Julia Chow @xblueapplez on Instagram @martin__mtmai: Can you speak Chinese? I'm a big Chinese fans of JK NEWS~ ur so pretty but most of all I luv ur smile its to die for n ur so funny I wish u n tommy the best. JKNews Pizza Hut Meme Pizza Hut, Just Kidding, Funny Pins, Youtubers, Funny The JKCrew consist of Geovanna Antoninette, Bart Kwan, Julia Chow, Tiffany Del Real, Joe Jo, .. TRUE!! anybody speak something other than English? .. Wushu Martial Arts Quotes, Kung Fu Martial Arts, Chinese Martial Arts, Martial Arts. Julia Chow, a Cantonese-American is the passionate producer of Just Kidding Films. The duo takes a refreshing and revolutionary approach to comedy and founded , in Torrance California and, is half-Vietnamese and half-Chinese .

The movies of Stephen Chow, the Hong Kong-based actor, filmmaker, the entire audience was Cantonese-speaking Chinese,” Barclay said. Julia Chow (cover image) Damn funny lol. Apparently loads of twenty3 merchandise was bought from China and I speak from personal experience. Just Kidding News is an offshoot of the popular YouTube comedy channel Just Kidding Films. As its name Julia Chow: The Chick of the group. Tommy: Julia's ex-boyfriend, who usually plays the other straight man of the group. To an extent, China, as a lot of JKN's scandalous or bizarre new stories come from there.