How to use drimarene-k dyes

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Unique property of Drimarene-K dye is: stability in water solution. Dissolved DRIMAFIX is a one step fixing agent for use with DRIMARENE-K dyes. DRIMAFIX . What are the pros and cons of Drimarene K dye versus Procion MX Both are fiber reactive dyes, both are very colorfast, both are easy to use. Drimarene K Dyes - Dye Cotton, Silk & Rayon Dyes Drimarene K Dyes.

DRIMARENE® K DYES are reactive dyes used to dye. COTTON, SILK & RAYON. They are used in cold water. (40°C) and therefore can be dyed in a variety of. Drimarene K dyes are fiber reactive dyes, like Procion H dyes and the This means that there are two completely opposite ways to use them to dye or paint silk. The best dyes, by far, to use for cotton and other cellulose fibers are the fiber reactive . Drimarene K dyes may be more commonly available in Australia than .

'Drimarene K' (S) 'Levafix E' and 'EA' (BAY) 'Temazol' (HOE). Choice of dyes. Tests carried out at TDRI (Canning and Jarman, ; Edwards and Canning. Some other forms of reactive dyes are Cold reactive dyes, like Cibacron F, Procion MX, and Drimarene K. The range finds usage in dyeing cotton and other .