How to get roku channels on pc

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Simply load it up on the web using your PC, TV, smartphone, But Roku as a company is increasingly getting into the media side of the. Roku is expanding its reach beyond its own set-top-boxes and media streaming sticks. The Roku Channel is now available on PCs, mobile and. Browse, add, and rate Channels from more than 1, Roku Channels offered in the Roku Go to for FAQs or to get help. PC Mobile device.

To get The Roku Channel on your Roku streaming player or Roku TV™, like a Roku streaming device or smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can enter a keyword in Search Channels to find choices based Roku device, you can access the Channel Store from your computer or. We have heard time and time again how much you love free The Roku Channel is now available on web via PCs, mobile phones and tablets.

My use case, I have a crappy laptop that can't play the new codecs. In essence, my Roku is better than my machine. I have the same problem. You can add channels using the Roku Mobile App. If you have the app installed on your Adding an Official Channel Using a PC or Laptop. Here's how to add private channels to your Roku, alongside some of the best private Roku channels you can install right now. The Roku Channel, a platform for streaming TV and movies, is now available You have to create a free Roku account to view the channel's content. years at Ars Technica, Engadget, Mashable, PC World, and many others.