How to enslave boris overlord 2 minions

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For Overlord II on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "How drop a statue on him? use your minions to sweep the statue on him. Borius conquered Nordberg when the Fourth Overlord was a child. Overlord II his own statue thanks to the Overlord and his Minions, who push it onto the pompous governor. The Overlord later can either enslave the tub of lard or kill him. Overlord 2 Guide - Walkthrough. Conquer Nordberg Town. Task: Remove the fire barriers. Once back in Nordberg, use the Red Minion Gate to call forth at least.

Browns love melee fighting. That's the type of Minions you receive at first. Browns should be the first to get the weapon and the armor which you would find in the. There is very little to the Overlord 2 story. It's mostly circular self-justification: I need to break into the castle to rescue my green minions. Why?. Overlord 2 Ost Infiltration des Minions. More. Uploader Boris Senior. Overlord 2 Do I wield an axe and use magic to slay or enslave all who oppose me? Yes!.

The more dangerous form of Brainwashed, for everyone concerned. A character is hypnotized/mind-controlled/whatnot and sent to kill their friends or do.