How to apply gel nail builder gel

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There are two main types of builder gels: Hard Gels and Soft Gels. Once this area is set up you can now just pull down the gel as if applying nail polish to. 1) Myth: Gel nails are soooooo easy to do, they apply just like nail polish! . with " thin" gel (described in gel nail lesson above)or building it with builder gels. How to Apply Builder Gel Gel Acrylic Nails, Uv Gel Nails, Acrylic Nail Designs. Visit . How to apply UV nail gel like a pro | Fast Application & filing tutorial -.

Make sure your cuticles are pushed back, shape your nail and then using a buffer block take off the natural oils in your nails and then wipe. Gel Polish Application. 1. All of our Gel Polishes will require a shake prior to use. Do that at this stage with your base, top & colour/s you are. Step 3 – Nail Dehydration. Step 4 – Applying false nail tips. Step 5 – Applying UV gel primer. Step 6 – Applying UV builder gel. Step 7 – Applying UV gel top coat.