How does hondata launch control work

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Adjustable launch control uses the cruise control switch to adjust the launch limiter The launch rpm value is what is used when the ECU is first re-flashed. The launch limiter acts the fastest when the cut and recover rpm are the same. Some vehicles have an adjustable launch control. Speed limiter. speed-limiter. This tab contains settings relating to the launch rev limiter, which operates while the car is stationary or moving slowly in order to give more consistent starts.

i can't get my launch control to work. either it's it isn't. i tried to use my A/C button.. even inverted the input.. still nothing. it's either on or. Adjustable launch control The launch rpm can be adjusted with the cruise control buttons. THIS WILL WORK WITH OLD Hondata dongles?. The other night I got off work and on my drive home I decided to try and Get yourself Hondata set launch control to rpms and have fun.

Drag Racing - hondata s launch control - can i get a quick lesson but if you want the anti-lag parameter to work. you have to enable it and.