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Although you can quickly set your preferred language to French in many different Type an "e accent aigu" by pressing the apostrophe key and then the "e" key. How to Do a Credible French Accent. Follow these steps and you'll sound like a Parisian in no time at all. Roll your RRRRRRs. The first step of learning a French . The "r" sound. The first and most important part of a fake French accent is the "r." When you say, for instance, "Rat," you would push your tongue to the back of.

The French alphabet is the same one used in English, and is also known as the So, for "è" you would say "e, accent à grave," (or, phonetically, "eh, ak-cent ah. Press Control + `, then the letter to add a grave accent. Hold the Control key down, then tap the accent key near the top left corner of your keypad. Release the. Or, if books are not your thing, try reading wikiHow in french. .. For example, the relevance of accents (accent aigue and accent grave), and other such aids.