Who was amos in the bible

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The prophet Amos lived among a group of shepherds in Tekoa, a small town More than almost any other book of Scripture, the book of Amos holds God's. Amos was from Tekoa (), a small town in Judah about 6 miles south of Bethlehem and 11 miles from Jerusalem. He was not a man of the court like Isaiah, or a. The Book of Amos is the third of the Twelve Minor Prophets in the Tanakh/Old Testament and the second in the Greek Septuagint tradition. Amos, an older.

Amos (Hebrew: עָמוֹס , ʻAmos) was one of the Twelve Minor Prophets. An older contemporary This article is about Amos, a minor prophet in the Hebrew Bible and Christian Bible. For the father of Isaiah, a prophet in the Hebrew Bible, see. The Book of Amos is the earliest of the Book of the Twelve Prophets, and is relevant today, He is the first Prophet to have a Book of the Bible named after him. Amos: Amos, the first Hebrew prophet to have a biblical book named for him. He accurately foretold the destruction of the northern kingdom of Israel (although he .

Author: Amos identifies the author of the Book of Amos as the Prophet Amos. Date of Writing: The Book of Amos was likely written between and B.C. Definition and meaning:AMOS (2) a'-mos (Amos): An ancestor of Jesus in Luke's genealogy, the eighth "An Interpreting Dictionary of Scripture Proper Names". The Book of Amos is an intriguing Scripture from a unique individual, Amos, a shepherd and fig tree farmer dwelling in southern Judah who is called by God to . Amos 2 ▻ .. The land cannot bear all his words, 11for this is what Amos has said: 14“I was nota a prophet,” Amos replied, “nor was I the sonb of a prophet;.