Where to get paris prime blueprint

Posted on | by Febei

ive got lower part grip and trying to get the upper(the rng is terrible) but i realised that i need the blueprint and the sting Where do you get it or. The Paris Prime is the Prime variant of the Paris, featuring higher damage, critical chance, Fix for Paris Prime blueprint not having icon or saving to inventory. Dont know where to get the paris prime? well this guide will help you! We have drop locations and full overview of the blueprint. Some paris.

Discovered deep inside an ancient Orokin derelict, the Paris Prime increases the kinetic energy of any bolt it fires, dealing more damage than its more common. So I'm relatively new to the game and I just reached mastery rank 4 which unlocks Paris Prime. I've had the blueprint for awhile now but I have. Price: 5 | Trading Volume: 11 | All trading offers and prices for "Paris Prime Blueprint".

All trading offers and prices for "Paris Prime Blueprint". Paris Prime Price | Blueprint: 10p, Grip: 5p, Lower Limb: 10p, Set: 15p, String: No Data, Upper Limb: 10p, stats taken from trade chat. To build the Paris Prime requires 5 Blueprint Parts which drop from the Orokin Void. You can find where the blueprints drop below. If you don't.