Where did humdinger originates

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Here is the entry for humdinger in Eric Partridge, A Dictionary of Slang and which came out in , helped bring humdinger back into popular usage. Humdinger, like other humorous-sounding words, has attracted some fanciful origin stories. Some are complete fabrications, like the story that. Origin and meaning of humdinger: , American English, probably from dinger , an early 19c. slang word for anything superlative; also s Others Are Reading.

Humdinger. Posted by Bookworm on May 29, In Reply to: Humdinger posted by J. Boehmke on May 29, What is the origin of "humdinger" which is. Humdinger definition is - a striking or extraordinary person or thing. How to use humdinger in a sentence. Humdinger definition: If you describe someone or something as a humdinger, you mean If you describe someone or something as a humdinger, you mean that they are very impressive, exciting, or enjoyable. Word origin of 'humdinger'.

W/R origin of "humdinger" several dictionaries say "probably." or ".unknown". Definitions often say SOMEONE of something that is. Definition of humdinger - a remarkable or outstanding person or thing of its kind. Origin. Early 20th century (originally US): of unknown origin. 'Humdinger' has very old origins, so old that it has gone through as many stages of 'evolution' it can go and is sadly on its way out of the. Humdinger definition, a person, thing, action, or statement of remarkable excellence or effect. Origin of humdinger And with this first step he takes on a humdinger of a theological problem: Why do bad things happen to good canines ?.