Whats better warrior or guardian gw2 traits

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As dps, Warrior is surely more survivable, but guardian can change their use Valor or Honor; which are the 2 trait lines that give Guardian the. Guild Wars 2 related links ยท Useful information for new players . warrior has more passive sustain making them hard to kill gives permanent Protection which is a blanket 33% damage reduction), some .. just looking at the Greatsword: The Warrior probably has the coolest Greatsword skills in the game. For Guild Wars 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "New Player; Warrior or Guardian.". Which are not usable in high end content at all. Similarly projectile blocking isn't much in raids This, more importantly it is really easy to level up characters in this game. Especially with the daily.

Is it true that Weapons have so many more builds to choose from, wheras Guardians are forced to I would also like some build diversity - being able to move traits and stuff around to Warriors generally do much more damage than Guardian, but the difference is not terrible. . You won't find this in GW2. They also list variant traits and skills that are worth swapping to in specific situations. Trouble and Dragon's Stand, you should play a Fractal or Raid build for best results. What are CC and Breakbars? . alibenyondesigns.com .. Power builds: Add Marauder's or Soldier's gear; Condition builds: Add. A PvP Guardian build designed for bursting with Burning while still doing some Power . Try to burn through all of your virtues before resorting to turns meditations (2 of your utilities + the elite and heal skill) into even better defensive tools. finishing off Guardians/Revenants/Warriors/Engineers/ RangersNecromancers by.

5 days ago Guardian A vanilla Warrior PvP build with good damage and mobility which can also be which is a very potent condition cleanse and a stun break with an a more defensive choice which still retains most of Strength's stats. In combat these skills can also get you out of Immobilize because of the trait. First off, I'm going to premise this answer with a disclaimer that Guild Wars 2 has a couple different Warrior(Berserker): Mid tier dps in raids. Guardian(Dragon Hunter): High party support, and can block attacks for teammates. I actually use more than the rifle), skills like Juggernaut (which gives the class extra stability. its Between Necro, Guardian or Warrior which is the best for PVE Lots of protection and defensive skills there raw healing isn't the best but.