What numbers are divisible by 17

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Note: To test divisibility by any number that can be expressed as 2n or 5n, For example, testing divisibility by 24 (24 = 8*3 = 23*3) is . 17, Subtract 5 times the last digit from the rest. Write the original number as 10x+y to separate out the last digit (y) from the number without the last digit (x). Recognize that divisibility by a 17 means you can. times the last digit from remaining truncated number. Repeat the step as necessary. If the result is divisible by 7, the original number is also divisible.

What you can do is iterate over the digits, keeping track of the current value modulo When you get to the end, if the current value modulo (ie 2x17=34, 34 divided by 2 is 17 etc) Did you instead mean to ask if 17 is a prime number/ not divisible by any whole numbers other than. How many numbers between and are divisible by 11? (To the funny people that say that the question was not about integers, usual.

A number is divisible by 3 if the sum of its digits is also. Example: If the result is divisible by 17, then so was the first number. Apply this rule over and over. What numbers is 17 divisible by? Is 17 a prime number? This page will calculate the factors of 17 (or any other number you enter). 6. A number is divisible by. 13 if. − 9 times the last digit of the number added to the rest of the number is divisible by. 7. ” 17 ”. − 5. ” 8. Dividing numbers: Notice that dividing our numbers leaves a remainder: 17 ÷ 4 = 4 + 1; 17 is not divisible by 4; Approach 2. Integer numbers prime factorization.