Monsanto and whole foods

Posted on | by Goltijar

I've just released a damning new mini-documentary called The WHOLE TRUTH about Whole Foods. This mini-documentary reveals how Whole Foods has become a supporter of Monsanto, deliberately deceiving health-conscious food consumers into falsely believing that Whole Foods Market. Rumor No. 1: Whole Foods Market has been bought by Monsanto. No! What crazy talk! We've never had any affiliation with that company. We are publicly traded. A number of blog posts objecting to the Whole Foods CEO's comments about GMO labeling rejuvenated an old rumor that Monsanto bought the.

There is much online chatter about Whole Foods partnering with Monsanto to kill mandatory GMO labeling efforts. The claims are that the. Times-Union readers want to know:I saw on social media that the Monsanto corporation had purchased or merged with Whole Foods. Murphy continued, “Monsanto and Whole Foods' new fake labeling bill would not only preempt Vermont's bill this week, but all provisions of the.

Amazon is Buying Whole Foods for $bn. Amazon has agreed. Touch the Soil News # This is a rather odd question to pose. Whole Foods represents the charge for more organic food and Monsanto is. Perhaps some of the names of GMO supporters are unsurprising, but when a company like Whole Foods, which is so dedicated to marketing.