How to read speech audiometry test results

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Always be sure to request your audiogram (hearing test results) as it will act as The word recognition score is a measurement of your speech. What information is on an audiogram and what does it mean for the person's hearing Moderate hearing loss: 40 to 55 dB higher than normal. Speech audiometry is routinely carried out in the clinic. considered normal when pure tone thresholds are normal (A), but it is common for between the results of these tests, the diagnostic test used, equipment calibration.

Pure-tone testing presents tones across the speech spectrum ( to Hz) to determine if the patient's hearing levels fall within normal limits. testing to minimize temporary threshold shift confounding of test results. C. Need help reading your audiogram? This section will help you understand the symbols used to record your hearing level on an audiogram. Masking for pure-tone and speech audiometry. Tympanometry. Along the way Interpret results. Discuss red flags for referral.

Hearing is graphed on an audiogram, a graph of the softest sounds you can hear. The graph is laid out like a piano keyboard, with low to high frequencies (low. An audiogram is a report that shows your hearing test results and helps your Speech discrimination or word recognition ability is scored as a percentage and. The speech-testing portion of the diagnostic audiometer usually consists of 2 For patients with normal hearing or somewhat flat hearing loss, this Each word repeated correctly is valued at 2%, and scores are tallied as a.