How to eject disc from mac g5

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I don't see that on this computer (Power Mac G5 [late ]). hole you can push a straightened out paper clip onto to push & eject the Disc. Mac OS X - Force Ejecting a CD. This document provides information on force ejecting a CD from your Mac. In the event that a disk has become. A: There are several ways to eject your Cd tray, the most common is holding down A: Apple shipped these drive without an eject key because it is not needed.

Boot into Open Firmware and eject If you have a Mac that will not startup properly and has a stuck disc, try booting into Open Firmware by. A reader who no longer uses his Apple keyboard is having trouble ejecting CDs and DVDs from his Mac Pro. Here are several workarounds for. I had this problem with a CD that my G5 couldn't read. It's really bad design on Apple's part for this to be a possibility. Making the drive eject.

My brothers friend's iMac won't eject the disc. It locked I've tried all of the above on my G5 iMac intel and it still won't eject the disk. I see that.