How to center axle under jeep

Posted on | by Tabei

Modified JK Tech - Centering the front axle tips Help - Hey all, just wondering if you guys can give me a few pointers on assuring myself my. I've searched and can not find a write-up on how to center your front axle XJ Classic (Jeep #18) 5" BDS lift / HP30/ / under construction. Fellas, my front axle is slightly toward the driver's side. to ask about lifts and, without prompting, the guy goes under the Jeep, looks around.

So how do you re-center an axle after lift install without an adjustable track bar? I must be Just kept tightening it until it came within an 1/8". I'm assuming I'd have to re-center the axle after installing that bracket? are made while the Jeep is on the ground under it's own weight. All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - Front Axle Centering - What is the best method to use in order to center the front axle?.

man i know what a track bar is what im trying to figure out is how can i center the axle under the jeep as it is sticking out 1/2" in farther to the. Sure, your axles will be slightly off center unless you install the axle properly under your Jeep and the upper control arms allow you to set the.