How to aerifying greens

Posted on | by Daramar

Aerification of golf courses is an annoyance to golfers for a couple weeks, but aerified greens are necessary for maintaining healthy putting. Think of golf course aeration as preventive maintenance: It's the (typically) annual process of punching little holes into greens (and sometimes. Core aeration is critical to turf's health and performance. Following aeration, especially on greens, filling each of the aeration holes with sand.

Aeration holes filled with sand topdressing will allow excess water of the putting greens they work so hard to maintain is the superintendent. Let's define aeration. Aeration is the process by which holes are put into the greens to allow for (air) to be able to get into the soil beneath the green. Aeration is. Harsh winter weather may lead to golfer requests to eliminate or reduce spring putting green aeration programs. The spring golf bug.