Encryption how it works.

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How secure is the Internet for sending sensitive information? Learn all about encryption, authentication, hash algorithms and more. Encryption has a long history dating back to when the ancient Join us for a quick history lesson and learn more about how encryption works. For many, the word "encryption" probably stirs up James Bond-esque images of a villain with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist with nuclear.

Computers work in binary. There is no difference as far as the computer is concerned between text and anything else, except that text has less entropy than . When you hear the word encryption, the first thing that might come to mind is that it's something only techies or geeks would understand, or use. Encryption is just one way you can prevent data theft. Techworld explains what encryption is and how it works.

You probably use encryption, in one form or another, every day. You might not know that you are, but you are. And my guess is that you don't. Most search engines, regardless of if they track you, encrypt your search data. This is how search engines, including Google, Yahoo and. But do you know how encryption actually works? We're here to help, and along the way we'll also show you how governments, like our very. Understanding encryption can be complicated, but we've laid out the basics of the two types of encryption commonly used today: Symmetric.