Black lines on tv when recording

Posted on | by Voodoosar

You see black lines or flickering because the TV screen refresh at greater And you record it on a mobile phone which has a ability to record at. If you have ever tried to point your video camera at your TV set or your stable image that your eyes see, there is either incredible flicker or a black rolling bar. The reason that you end up seeing black bars on some TV shows of the original recording, resulting in objects appearing wider horizontally.

The black image you can see on the white horizontal lines is the lens cap! . the recording was bad and therefore the playback could not recover the time code. This is normal operation related to flicker of light source. Flicker phenomenon may appear when shutter speed is faster than 1/s. Samsung. Afterall, watching an important recording can be interrupted due to these lines. The following are some of the causes as well as solutions for.

I recently tried to record something on my CRT TV using my phone camera ( MP Nokia E71) but there are some black lines that blinds the. If the screen of your TV is black and nothing is displayed, see the FAQ below: No picture Lines on the screen (vertical/horizontal lines, bands). If I understand the question correctly (and I may well NOT be understanding it, in which case apologies for the useless answer! ;)).