Xxyy how many barr bodies

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A Barr body is the inactive X chromosome in a female somatic cell, rendered inactive in a In non-random inactivation this choice appears to be fixed and current evidence suggests that the maternally inherited gene may be imprinted. XXYY syndrome is a sex chromosome anomaly in which males have an extra X and Y Many genes are found only on the X or Y chromosome, but genes in areas two X chromosomes and two Y chromosomes in each of his body's cells. Most of the genes on the Barr body are inactive, meaning that they are not Aneuploidies of X chromosomes, however, tend to be much less harmful, despite .

6 days ago 48,XXYY syndrome can affect other parts of the body as well. Additionally, males with 48,XXYY syndrome may have flat feet (pes planus). How many Barr bodies would you expect to see in human cells containing the see in human cells containing the following chromosomes? XY. XO. XXY. XXYY. b. 1 a barr body is an inactivated X chromosome men don't have any, women have 1 people with XXX chromosomes have 2 people with X0.

A Barr body [Hint] The effect of Barr body formation in mammals is that [ Hint] An abnormal human of the karyotype 49, XXXYY will form how many Barr . No of Barr bodies of X chromosomes 1 Phenotype Sex Chromosome XXYY 49, XXXXY 47, XXX Syndrome Tetra-X and Penta-X Karyotypes 48, XXXX Turner syndrome (1/ female births) 45, X: ______ Barr body • person is but sterile and slight feminization 48, XXYY: one Barr body • normal male (> 6 two Barr bodies (1/ female births) • many times they are normal females.