What is vapor lock on cars

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Vapor lock is a problem that mostly affects gasoline-fueled internal combustion engines. A vapor lock is more likely to develop when the vehicle is in traffic because the under-hood temperature tends to rise. A vapor lock can also develop. Vapor lock is often a problem with older carbureted cars, but not an issue with modern electronic fuel injected cars. Fuel injection uses a. Because of temp outside, thought maybe it vapor locked? if so, what do I do to fix it, or what are your thoughts on what the problem may be.

Jeff Smith: Vapor lock is a term used to describe when fuel changes from a For example, an older car with an original and a fossilized sock. Vapour lock is the one type of problem, occurs when the fuel inside the It may seem like the vehicle is out of fuel or the fuel pump has failed. Preventing Vapor Lock, Falling Oil Pressure, Mute Car Horn, Oil Change Intervals , More on HHO, Buying New Tires: Mike Allen' s Weekly Auto.

I have a Ford F, purchased used, lots of miles. Runs well, but when I start it and drive for minutes and shut if off, if I try to restart.