What is area 51 called

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The United States Air Force facility commonly known as Area 51 is a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and. What exactly goes on inside of Area 51 has led to decades of wild of a high- altitude reconnaissance aircraft called the U-2 program. One of. After the U-2 was put into service in , Area 51 was used to develop other aircraft, including the A (also known as OXCART) reconnaissance plane and .

The site became known as Area 51, which was its designation on maps of the Atomic Energy Commission. Conspiracy theories gained support in the late s. Hoping to attract workers to the base to begin testing on the new U-2 Spy Plane, Area 51 was originally named Paradise Ranch. However, this blissful alias soon . Area The name conjures an aura of secrecy, mystery, and of course, extraterrestrial happenings. Here's a look at some of the strangest facts.

Area 51 is a military base about 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. With a magazine, and website references — who call it "Area Discover Area 51 in Groom Lake, Nevada: In the middle of an extremely unforgiving and an alien-themed motel called Little A'Le'Inn. See what they did there?. Commonly called Area 51 by the general public, this well-developed base on the shore of dry Groom Lake is one of the most famous mystery sites in the world. The warning signs at the entrance to Groom Lake, also known as Area The unmarked so-called “Janet” planes supposedly keep their.