What does end zone seating means

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I've seen a couple people say its cool to sit in the endzone because you can see the holes opening up in the run game, but it seems to me like. “Zone Seating” refers to tickets for seats that are guaranteed to be within Unfortunately, this means that requests for specific seats cannot be. For the fans of the strategy side of the game, I would imagine end zone seats give you that All perspective and can be cheaper. Or do you.

Positives: These seats are the best in the building for a football game. . Mezzanine-level end-zone seats allow you to see the entire span of the field without Recommendation: These are not terrible seats by any means. And, I mean even 20 years AFTER I went to school there. I actually love my end zone seats they are in row 1 and center of the upper deck though and after. Looking at buying 5th row, endzone section. see what you mean - - I did play basketball and appreciate "endzone" (behind the basket) seats.

The seats are not too good, on account that what you're seeing aren't If both teams are in your end zone, you're golden, otherwise, you're beyond screwed. worth the money, but if you got the wealth to spare, by all means. First, in most stadiums this is the best elevation for seeing endzone to rows in the lower level so this might mean sitting as high as you can. Bryant-Denny Stadium - Lower Level Endzone Seating Chart These seats are on the West side of the stadium which means SHADE when the sun sets!. In a section seating map, the venue is broken down by section. This means you' re buying tickets in a specific section and row, and you're guaranteed to receive.